a borken heart, grief and loss

What do you mean by ‘ I have a broken heart’?

Do you mean a heart that is deeply sad or you mean losing an attachment to someone? If you lose things and people that you thought were yours in a first place, then you are condemned to great delusion and pain.

The pain is mainly self-imposed by lack of perspective or the reality of the bigger picture: at some point, and read me again with this…at some point those who love, are attached to, and fear to lose in this physical realm will disappear. It is best to start to recognize your pain and that all will go eventually, even your pain.

 The loss of someone dear will deeply hurt any of us.

Pain its inevitable in the human condition or a choice for the awakened. However, its best to recognize that at some point in life one of them will pass away, or you will pass away.

The pain involves the fact of not being with them physically any more.

You are in pain. You. It doesn’t mean they are in pain, but you cannot bear the emptiness left by their absence and this simple reality.

You may cling so hard to you do not allow them to pursue their path toward the Realization of the Truth. Your energetic attachment to them and emotional clinging tides them up to this physical realms and delays their spiritual evolution, just like it prevents you to do the same.

Do you think that the one that passed away and you have been grieving about, would be happy to see you suffering? Do you feel they will be free to walk their journey and continue their evolution? 

Every opportunity, and its particularly true for grief and massive break-downs, brings us closer to the Truth of Life.

Breaking Down and Loss are Disguised Saviours & Teachers. My best blog on this takes you to the essence of this Absolute Truth.

And that is GOOD! That is a BIG wake up call for us to update of beliefs, our attachment styles and our habits. To put priorities first and gain clarity of your deepest values and true nature.

It is deeply humbling and relieving at the same time to realize that we do not own anything or anyone and that we do not control the timing of the inevitable separation.

Some may say : “oh they leave too soon”, or “we separated too soon” but Life is a Constant reminder that nothing belongs to us and all leaves us at the right timing and will find a way sooner or later to remind you this. There’s no such thing as too soon or too late for things happen when they are meant to happen.

There is only diving time and perfect timing in all that happens. And all is divine and perfect as it IS.

Make use of life experiences to move beyond pain, not to dwell in it, feed it and sink. Pain is inevitable but do not remain stuck. Dive more deeply into the purpose of your own existence and aspire for what is True, Sacred & Meaningful to you in this world, knowing we cannot take anything for granted and our passage down here is short.

True Love is Unconditional Love and Unconditional Love is love without Attachment “- Alexandra Teodorescu from Book Freedom Paths

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