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Back in 2013 I lost my beloved cat. My only pet for 16 years who has always been in perfect health, gets struck by cancer and in as little as a week, becomes a walking skeleton in pain with diabetes crashing her any chance of survival.

I was so devastated that I didn’t even have the courage and the strength to bring her myself to the vet for the put down. It is a hard thing to admit. My emotions couldn’t bear it. The idea of death was to me unbearable.

That night she passed away, I was hunted by her death. I googled everything about animals souls, life after death, proves of spirit and continuity, prof of the rainbow stories etc. I was SURE there was a rainbow cross and that this could not just be her end.

So all night, in my search, I stumbled on a video testimonial of Laura Stinchfield, an animal psychic who reasonably calls herself more an animal behaviourist. I was so moved by her testimonial and the signs and connections she got after her pets had died, that I thought there must be some part of truth in it. When you listen to some things, you just know deep down its true- and some stories cant be made up.

I’m a scientist, I have a Masters degree in Science after all, doubt and evidence seeking are my mains guardians against BS.  I wasn’t however 100% convinced about animal communication with deceased animals but one day a striking evidence came shake all my reality about communicating  with living animals.

The Discovery of Animal Communication via a Valuable Mentor

A friend of mine sent me the documentary: the animal communicator Anna Breytenbach. In this very popular documentary, a team of PHD scientists were following her to different places from less to more dangerous places around the world, to test her ‘talking with the animals’ claimed abilities. She knew nothing about the places she was taken to nor the animals she would talk to. The infos she gave to the scientists however, were typically about their previous owner, their current situation, complaints, their daily habits, their character, their problematic behaviors and conflicts with humans or other species, special requests and background. The infos provided by her were so accurate that scientists were blown away

I then started to develop an obsession with this women and started stalking Anna Breythencach everywhere. I wanted to learn from her. I wanted to know her “tricks”.

As an absolute animal lover, I wanted to help animals too. I wanted to have them tell me their stories, their struggles, communicate at distance with them, being able to locate them when lost, reassure them when scared, solve their confit with humans, help them escape hunters, escape slaughterhouses, help them living in harmony with human beings who simply and too often do not understand them, fear them (wild animals) or believe their level of intelligence or self-awareness is reduced therefore inferior to human beings.

Well, you will find out that not only animals are able to have the same feelings like us ( grief, depression, anxiety, attachment, usefulness,  loving and protection needs) but also have vivid memories, thinking processes, tics and irritations and even wishes and desires.

By some miracle I met Anna 6 months after in an ecovillage in Germany

I literally bowed to her. She had no idea how much I have been stalking her…and I’m glad she did (silly face)

That week she was giving a workshop on AC. Cool, the opportunity of my life! She had brought a picture of a dog and we had to answer a few basic questions with some ‘connection techniques’. I sucked at every single questions. All was wrong apart from maybe one answer which was probably luck.

I will never be an AC I told myself, this is way too hard…wasn’t even close with my answers. Then other exercises followed,  working in pairs and this time using human telepathy like guessing what tool our practising partner is visualizing at the moment or what colour they are trying to send us through via telepathy.  I had a better success rate here about a 60 %. But my interest was in animals and I wanted to be able to receive accurate information from them, not from humans… I knew I had lots of work to do…

What is Animal Communication ?

But what is AC??!

Before I continue let me tell you what AC.  The term AC or telepathic communication are both synonyms for explaining that it is possible, using certain techniques close similar to hypnosis to receive a message telepathically  (transmission of a thought between 2 living beings) from animals that surround us, and this no matter the distance that separates them, nor the time when they deceased.

When we dream, our brain works on a certain frequencies (just like the herz-waves of the radio) which allows us to receive information in the shape of images, sounds or smells.

To communicate with animals, we are willingly going to ask our brain and heart to tune into this frequency and then learn to come in contact with the animal we wish to, by mastering a few validation questions first, before assuming we actually have a communication (and not a made-up interaction). This manner “to plug “ into the animal consciousness is also called telepathy. A number of scientific experiences proved today that telepathy exists and that this practice relies on the ability that a human brain has to develop this skill to connect mentally with another human being.

So we understand that this takes practice right? I started my practice immediately after I met Anna and committed every day to meditate.

Meditation is CRUCIAL part of developing telepathic skills. Why? Simply, because you must know the difference between what is your stuff (self- awareness of your own memories, projections, personal physical sensations and feelings and inner monologue) and what it actually sent to you from the outside.

The practice of Animal Communication

I challenged myself daily to communicate with the animals surrounding me and collect evidence of my progress. For example, I started with a neighbourhood cat. I had met him a few times already (Moustache) and one day I told him to show me exactly where he is next time I come by. So we had like a telepathic date set in advance.

  I established a connection one day and I asked him to show me where he was at that moment. I received immediately vivid flashes in my mind, I saw him standing on the edge of a window, 1st floor, facing a large garden, behind a tall building, surrounded by  high bush and flowers.  A couple of minutes later I keep walking and I see him exactly where he showed me: same place and position like in my vision.  I was stunned.  

After a few similar trials like that I thought it was time to get serious validation by owners and get to the next level with more challenging communications.

  So I joined a practice group and worked on photos only. I love working on photos, I actually prefer it, information flow in much more easily. Typical questions were : who is he living with, other pets in the house, favourite toy and food, character etc. Then the owner would give feedback.

My first client is him:

Before I even started to ask him to connect with me, I had a massive flow of information coming in. Its like I had knew him before, but I hadn’t. I wrote over 2 pages about him to the owner, describing the other 2 cats he was living with, their character, his thoughts about each one of them, the type of apartment, the people, their faces, his favourite person etc. These are information that I couldn’t have possibly know just from a photo. 

It was a very strong and overwhelming experience because looks like this dog LOVED to talk to literately ANYONE. That’s why intention in itself was sufficient. It usually doesn’t happen like this.

Locating Lost Pets with Animal Communication

After a full year of hands on practice like that, all validated by owners, I decided to work on locating lost animals. Because THAT’S’ challenging. At least to me. And it requires slightly different techniques (at least for me) as I need to use both: animals here and now consciousness AND intuitive guidance. Why? Because an animal can rarely tell you the name of the street, give you google directions and locate himself, otherwise he’d have come back home already! So intuition and locating their own energy required developing your third eye.

I began initially to practice with animals who were not lost but I didn’t know their address, anything about them. I just practice locating where they live from picture connections.

 I started with a lot of 10 pictures one evening and results were not so good. I was spot on for 4 of them and one almost, while the other 5 completely wrong. I kept a journal for each approach and noted what helped me most in getting right. I noticed that for 5 successful readings, each and every time I had spent a lot of time talking to the animal and getting to know them. The more I was able to download on them, the more chances I had to locate them rightly.  Logics, right?

So how do I do it? I use my hand like an energetic radar over a printed map and where I have the strongest pull, I stop and zoom in and scan again with me hands. Sometimes I see landscapes and map highlights, sometime I hear or see the name of a street; I write it all down….then with all these cues I do a google map search.  The more you practice, the better you get.

But its possible! If I can do it you can do it.

Anna Breythenbach is also one of these people who had to learn and wasn’t just born with a paranormal gift inaccessible to the ordinary people. She had to learn. The myth of the psychic guru is just a myth, really anyone can do it I guarantee you.


I had almost lost hope in the first year, I wasn’t able to HEAR anything. I knew I was understood because my requests were most of the time fulfilled – for example I asked a spider to come on its own into a small box…..TELL THE STORY….I also ask flies to leave or bees who enter the house without agitating a finger. Its almost instant. I don’t verbally tell them as such: I rather show them mentally the way out, and they do it just like I picture it for them…its truly amazing and exciting.

You should start today to practice and give yourself all the time (and Patience!) THAT you need. Don’t hold too much on the outcome, have no expectations or frustrations, just trust that your ability to ‘listen’ and open your sensory channels more and more each day as you practice.

Blessings and don’t forget Love opens all doors <3

p.s. Sharing a collection of my Art Inspired by Animal Communication & commissioned art for Clients.

You can order prints or different objects on Fine Art America or contact me directly for an order. 🙂 much love.

channelled Animal Totem : The Turtle for this Boy (sold)
75x 60 cm Drawing (sold)
girl and her horse (sold)
girl and her pet
my animal spirit GUIDE (we all have one)
wild life and animal totems

breaking down psychology

We live life in an effort to constantly ensure and build safety on all levels: emotional, financial, material, environmental, relational and physical. We strive to form a sense of familiarity, and nourish attachments to things, people and routines to create a feeling (which, in reality, is an illusion) of stability and protection in the face of a mad world, ever-changing and constantly threatening our little bubble.

As creatures of habit, deeply attached to a fixed idea of self, others and the world, we don’t like change, even when it’s necessary. We know when something must be changed in our lives, but all too often, the comfort of our habits and beliefs is somehow more appealing.

 Usually, we use the past as a reference, and settle into toxic routines and set ideas of self, which end up defining our future along the same old story lines.

Until one day…we break down.

When our whole world shatters despite our best efforts to maintain the status quo, we break down and lose it all: our sense of safety and the investments in the future we’ve made. We’ve protected ourselves, because change was never the plan. When this happens, we experience it as devastating. Each and every time, we fight, resist, and consume ourselves with changing others or outside circumstances instead of ourselves. Often, we pick ourselves up and manage to get back on the horse—sometimes with new eyes and a fresh attitude, other times with the exact same blindfolded vision.

If life still feels to you like a never-ending series of breakdowns, pains and dramas, you have not awakened to the miracle of brokenness.

You have not yet risen into the light that ultimately brings permanent peace and sets you free.

Moments of drastic change in our lives force us to immediately face ourselves. They throw into question all of the concepts we’ve tried to forge or preserve over the years, and shatter our expectations of the future and of others. We suddenly become powerless in the realm of a new, this-doesn’t-make-sense universe. We’re insignificant entities on the surface of a planet that continues to go around and always will, regardless. The motion of life carries on, and we can’t do anything about it, even though we want it all to stop so we can grieve in peace, with universal acknowledgement of our pain and signs of salvation popping up everywhere. They don’t always appear when you need them. You may be so overwhelmed that you can’t see the signs. In these shattering moments, though, there is hope: from the most unexpected place, salvation comes. That place is brokenness.

When you are broken, lying there in pieces on your bed or your bedroom floor, you actually have a rare opportunity to see things as they really are. You can see that you have spent your life feeding an illusion or avoiding reality. Everything eventually ends, and we do not get to decide when.

All that has a beginning, by necessity, must end. The very nature of life, of existence, of the manifested world IS change.


Life cannot exist without change

Your happiness and beautiful experiences would never have been available to you had you not experienced change in the first place.

Change and destruction allow the flow of life’s energy to maintain itself. They are the drive of creation, and the universe is constantly renewing, creating and breaking what is, just to allow new possibilities and opportunities to arise: within ourselves, the choices we make, the types of relationships we choose, daily habits, new facets of ourselves, and, ultimately, how we decide to bounce back again.

If you are drowning in profound grief, inevitable questions emerge. Who am I? How can I move forward? You’re searching for answers because you desperately need to know who and how.

Actually, the answer is right there, immediately available to you as soon as crisis knocks you down.

You are no one. No one in the world of form and impermanence, where everything vanishes at some point—even the idea of ‘I’ and whatever we have made of it.

When your reality is destroyed, nothing is truly lost but your illusion of self.

The notion of a separated, individual self, defined essentially by physical aspects, achievements, personal history and an imagined or well-planned future, inevitably crashes and shows its true, ephemeral nature.

 On a universal level, whenever you are in the flux of change, you are flowing with the essence of life.

On a universal level, whenever you are in the flux of change, you are flowing with the essence of life. You become part of its energy and subject to it at the same time.

Flowing with change, rather than resisting, is the wisest thing you can do. When you flow with it, your imaginary pain vanishes. When you are embracing change, you realize that beyond your problems, beyond your perceived world of gain and loss, your formless essence is pure, permanent life energy.

Interestingly enough, in Hindu Mythology, Shiva, the God of Destruction, works on equal footing with Brahma, God of Creation, and Vishnu, God of Protection. The three represent the most important deities in Hinduism. 

Shiva is venerated for bringing insight into our blind attachments, overindulgent habits, and the wants and illusions of the ego. Shiva destroys the ego, which represents false identification with form (or the manifested world) and reminds us to live fully in the present moment.

Live the moment to the fullest, and let it all go the minute after. In this way, every moment offers a fresh start, a new richness and intensity without the entrapment of delusions.

SHIVA, the God of Destruction, an archetype of inspiration

Brokenness can be seen as a blessing. It acts as an incredibly powerful moment when we can start all over again, but this time completely afresh, freed, and more alive than ever before. Ultimately, grief and loss are necessary; and this must be known to appreciate the value and meaning of love, of others, and the beauty of the present moment.

Suffering also becomes an extraordinary chance to understand others, empathize with their pain and come closer to the meaning of love and tolerance. One gains the chance to show solidarity and become community-orientated rather than self-absorbed with existential problems.

In your brokenness, when you cultivate empathy for others, you become able to connect meaningfully and deeply, while at the same time mitigating the effects of isolation.

We all experience grief and loss, and everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. As you open your heart beyond your grief and shattered self, your pain may seem very small compared with what others may be going through.

Brokenness humbles you, and turns you in the direction you truly belong: toward others. The same essential emotions and life energy flow through everything that is.


In conclusion, brokenness comes with many gifts and valuable wake-up calls. It gives us a chance to reassess our values, priorities, attachment styles, and mistakes, and see more clearly what truly matters. It points out our toxic habits, relationships, and detrimental or addictive activities—essentially, all that needs to be let go of because it has drawn us into something, we never really wanted in the first place.

How to sublimate your emotional pain and set yourself free from Ego

As much as suffering can be a blessing, unfortunately, like anything else, it is also temporary. I say unfortunately, yes. You read me well… and it doesn’t mean I am a masochist.

In fact, what I mean is that once the state of brokenness and vulnerability is far behind us, we run the risk of falling back into the old traps, picking up the same habits and making similar mistakes all over again. We may become ungrateful, complain, or get attached to the wrong people.

Human beings are not good learners—we all know that. We can hit the same wall a hundred times, yet we stand up and run right back toward it.

We are extraordinarily self-sabotaging creatures by nature. Even when we want change badly and strive to break old habits – bang! We are back to them in no time.

Are we masochists? In essence, no; but in the ego’s terms, yes. We are ruled by our unconscious (the ego) and our past wounds, and tend to re-enact the same old dramas in a desperate attempt to resolve and confront them. This, of course, is completely inappropriate, and irrelevant to the present. The ego is schizophrenic, a very proud ‘bastard’ obsessed with fixing that which no longer exists, i.e., the past.

We successfully pick ourselves up, and after a while, just as we begin to find joy and balance in life again, the gains and insights of our shattering moments—the promises we made to ourselves—mysteriously evaporate. We reach a point when we badly miss these first, insightful moments of our good resolutions.

Here’s a trick to avoid the ego’s trap of unnecessary suffering:

Never go back to ‘whole’ again.

Just stay broken.

And love, truly love, your brokenness.

Travel though life broken.

Exist in a permanent state of brokenness; not the weak, helpless, or frightened kind of broken, but the open-hearted, humble and vulnerable kind.

Never seal a wound that has been opened. Instead, leave it half-open as a reminder of what truly matters to you, of what you need and strive for in life, as a crack across your heart left exposed to maintain a deep connection to your true self and authentic relationship with others.

Leave the cracks of brokenness wide open, so the wind and light can come in and clean away the dirt the ego always gathers around your beautiful, glowing self.

Whenever pain becomes unbearable, strangling your heart and wrecking your body, it may be just a random thought that is generating fear and worry or a sudden state of panic and angst. Just surrender to it, each and every time.

 Surrender completely, religiously, confidently and gratefully. Kneel in front of Shiva and thank him for the terrifying feeling you are going through…really thank him, and acknowledge your ‘nothingness’ in the manifested world and its greatness in the realm of the infinite Universe. Hand your ego over to him generously, with wide-open palms, and I can assure you, he will create the miracle for you. He will listen, and set you free.

All you need to do is let the feeling come to you for a few seconds, wreck you up, overwhelm you, and shiver through your entire body. Let it see that there is nothing within you to destroy any further. Your heart is already broken, but your core essence, your lively spirit, is indestructible.

Know the following: you WILL survive. In seconds, and I mean just a few seconds, you will be set free. When you let a wound open, when you invite it to flow through your whole body, you are about to sublimate your ego, your bodily pain, your inner enemy—whatever has been keeping you in fear, terror and ongoing distress.

Know, then, as you surrender completely, willingly, and physically to the feeling, that you’re about to defeat it permanently, and you will soon embrace lasting peace.


Why self awareness vital for growth

As a baby you and I were born with what behavioral psychologists call: a tabula rasa. Tabula rasa means blank slate in Latin and refers to the absence of build-in mental content at one’s birth. Any knowledge is thus achieved only through experience and perception, although neurobiologists point out that there is a pre-programed mental structure to receive and organize information, which is naturally genetically pre-determined. 

Nevertheless we are born with no consciousness, no judgement abilities, no critical sense and no objective observation abilities. Unless learnt, the latter are unlikely to develop through one’s life time, remaining thus subject to their mind pre-conditioning.

During our growing-up process, as a result of this pre-conditioning, but also in order to survive, we have incorporated automatisms, habits, beliefs and defense mechanisms, to protect ourselves, and respond to potentially harming situations. These habits have remained strongly embedded in us and continue to be blindly enacted during adulthood (when the false-self or the Ego is at work).

Although, in the early days, these mechanisms had an effective and specific function, today, for the most part, they serve no purpose: at best we stagnate (by repeating the same drill, same habits, same defense mechanisms and going nowhere), at worse, we destruct ourselves (and others) by getting sabotaged by unwatched and unquestioned automatisms (behaviours, beliefs, feelings) as they distort the reality of the present moment and lead us to inappropriate behaviors.

Watch yourself and assess what habits/automatisms serve you today and what no longer doesn’t. If you decide to keep the old habits and thinking patterns, then bravely take responsibility for the life you are leading, for the choice you make each day and simply deal with the consequences..

‘Everything in your life is the result of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, then make a different choice.’


In conclusion, it is wise not to blame anyone; change and life are truly up to us. We may not have been able to choose in what family/social/cultural configuration we have fallen in, but we always choose the manner in which we live our lives and what we do with the presenting circumstances. Stay mindful, stay self-aware.