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The guide of the Soul that will set you free.The School of Life/Lives in an accelerated version.

I have complied for you the most essential teachings on what truly matters in life are covered in this book.

It contains everything you need to know and integrate about: “You”, “Your Body”, “Your Emotions”, “Love and Relationships”, “Your Deepest Fears”, “Your Kids”, “Your Communication Skills”, “Your Work” & “Attachment”.

An ultra comprehensive self-help book that gives practical tools for growth, for relationships and experiencing results NOW.

In today’s ocean of self-help/New-Age books, no book so far had taken the challenge to address major life topics in such a bold, practical and straight to the point way.

As a registered psychotherapist, Dr A. TeoDores has thoroughly researched, experienced and synthesized valuable information on the most challenging aspects of our lives.

She included her own personal experiences, major discoveries and knowledge in an deep and articulated talk that has the powerful potential for drastic change and insight. No fluff or diluted content, this a RICH JEWELLERY compacted with wisdom, science and best education on personal growth.


Introduction / About the Book (excerpt)


The role of mental health professionals, therapists, and healers, at a larger scale, is limited. These limitations occur in the global context of social injustice, environmental disasters, international political crises, fraudulent banking systems, political corruption and unethical/irresponsible consumption, all supported by a capitalist model based on the exploitation of disadvantaged masses who, sadly, represent all of us, the majority of human beings on Earth.

Everything is inter-correlated and it has become obvious that we can no longer focus on treating the symptoms and patients in isolation, without looking at changing the root causes. Since our modern society is founded on notions such as individualism, competition, financial achievements, consumerism, and condemnation of the different, of free-thinkers, of unconventional lifestyles and perceptions, we have increasingly come to realize that the sheep-model is no longer working for us; socially, environmentally, ethically, and psychologically speaking we hear globally a loud call for justice, for urgent change, and for an imminent universal awakening. In other words, if we want to survive as a species, and live happier with each other, we must come together, support each other, take the journey towards healing and “waking up” NOW. The awakening must start within us, in our own lives and daily practices, in all areas that truly matter to us.

The widely spread absence of values, ethics, and spirituality in western societies is striking and concerning. We have become lost souls purposelessly wandering a world that to many seems to make little sense, while living inauthentic lives and working to achieve dreams that are not ours. Like “exemplary students”, we follow society’s rules based on a collective insanity, fear, and unquestioned conformism which infallibly reinforces our individual distress, sense of isolation, and disconnect from others and all that is.

When we feel disconnected from all that is, we are at risk of developing mental illness. Acute and chronic anxiety become our life companions. As a response to this distress, we seek to fill the unbearable inner void by feeding from and relying essentially on outside factors which provokes anxiety even more, given the unstable and ephemeral nature of everything around us. Illusion of separation from all that is, and alienation from our true selves, is precisely the root cause of humans’ suffering. Through this book I am aiming to show you the way to freedom and to finding your true self, practical solutions for growing loving and lasting human relationships, and new challenging perspectives which you may have not considered until now.

The book is written in a compacted form, purposefully, with no superfluous information, and it can read like a text book. Its primary goal is education, guidance, and practical direction in key areas of your life, and it gives access to a complete reference guide, getting straight to the point and avoiding unnecessary debates, scientific references, argumentation, and discussions that usually side-track readers from the essential.

The topics you will read about are: “On you”, “On your body”, “On your negative emotions”, “On love and relationships”, “On your deepest fears”, “On your kids”, “On your communication skills”, “On work”, and “On attachment”.

Some topics and arguments may appear provocative, challenging, or even offending; it is critical to me to state things as they are, and not how we would like to have them told or phrased, so we can move forward effectively. On the other hand, some parts may sound to you already familiar if you are a spiritually “advanced” person or simply “new age” educated.

This book is for everyone and every single reader will take something away from it, regardless of who they are, what they believe in, and what skills/profession they have specialized in.


Content / Chapters

Dedication i

Acknowledgements iii

Preface v

Introduction x

Chapter 1 – On You 1

The Mind – A Beautiful Tool to Use with Awareness and Moderation 7

Live Mindfully 10

Why are Thoughts not Real and Should not be Acted Upon? 13

Chapter 2 – On Your Body 16

Meditation, or the Importance of Body Awareness 19

Asserting Yourself and Finding Your Coherent Voice 26

Protecting Yourself and Keeping Your Sacred Temple Clean 30

Chapter 3 – On Your (Negative) Emotions

The Enemy Within 35

The Vanishing of my Inner Beast 38

How I Broke Up With my Ego 42

Chapter 4 – On Love and Relationships

Monogamy: A Revision of the Concept 60

What Exactly is a Polyamorous? 69

How to Face and Deal With Jealousy and Possessivity: Outplay Your Ego and Become a Polyamorous 71

Chapter 5 – On Your Deepest Fears: An Existential and Philosophical Perspective

Anxiety as a Human Condition 75

Meaningless 76

Freedom of Choice and Authenticity 80

Existential Isolation 83

Death 85

Chapter 6 – On Your Kids 87

To Future Parents 88

To Current Parents 92

The Permissive Parenting Style 94

The Authoritarian Parenting Style 94

The Democratic Parenting Style 95

Red Flags and What to Avoid 97

Other Less-Known Abusive Forms 101

Chapter 7 – On Your Communication Skills 104

Chapter 8 – On Your Work 113

How to Put Your Ideals to Work 115

Chapter 9 – On Attachment 123

About the Author 127



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