About Alexandra Teodores

Holistic & Transpersonal Psychologist & Author

Alexandra TeoDores is a certified Psychotherapist, holistic & relationships counsellor and Indigo child & adult.

As an “Indigo”, she evolved through different archetypes and frequencies such as crystal and rainbow child, however is not limited nor willing to be defined by such labels.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology major) in Switzerland in 2006 and with a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology in 2008 in Australia at Perth Curtin University. She is also a gifted child (High Ability- HAP), a Hypersensitive Person (as per Aaron research), a certified children-meditation teacher (Method Eline Snel), an author, an artist and a creative therapist mixing depth and humour in each theoretical approach in life coaching.

With a broad experience with different types of population and clinical cases, A. TeoDores is profoundly driven by elevating others’ frequency and consciousness levels, help embody true leadership and true sense of self, and align values with actions to create meaningful transformations in their thinking, businesses, and daily lives.

She enjoys highly working with other Lightworkers, help them shine brighter and harness their Inner Magic to manifest True Life Purpose.

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