A while ago, I set the following goal: to train and succeed at geo-localization of lost pets. So far, I had only been doing “basic” animal communication by reading an animal and answering specific questions around key issues identified by owners. This rather ambitious goal came from realizing in my animal communications that pets usually do indeed show clearly their location, know the name of their suburbs, can guide you on a map and say: “YES, SPOT ON, OVER HERE, YES!” and can also tell you the direction they took from their house/losing point and the number of Km walked!

Believe it or not, I have specific Km numbers popping up in my mind, landmarks, and geographical directions and when I check the map, I find their info very correct.

But so far, I hadn’t decided to specifically dedicate my time to train in this field. I stared training with the Facebook listing of local lost pets (Pet Alert) and hid the original place of disappearance reported by the owners. I asked the pets where their home was and how far they were from it. I first focused on the updated cases, where pets were reported found, to make sure I get a validation of current place. The first 5 cases it was a rocky reading, but I eventually got it right (3 out of 2)  as I learned the techniques that worked best (I  keep a log and document what lead me to a successful localization and what didn’t- best way to learn).

On the second session, I took 5 more other cases. These ones were all spot on. No mistake, no doubt, clear answers, and increased confidence from first session’s insights. While connecting with animals pictures, I was having indications such as : North- East of X state. Or, as i was sweeping my hand on the map, i was having a strong energy pull towards a certain region.

I was blown away. It’s overwhelming when you get things right! Especially on lost pets and all readings in a row just right, Wow! It took me a couple of weeks to take it all in and consider the huge implication of such success.

But we need to stay firmly grounded. Success is relative in Psychic Reading or Animal Communication field (Ac). A lot does not depend on us, we are channels of information not generators.

We need to stay down to Earth and have a lot more practice, because even though some are fast learners, animals communicate differently or unwillingly or not at all many times, so each time we are facing a unique challenge.

On session three, things went down the hill. I was getting everything wrong (not even close!), I was reading badly the animal (based on owners descriptions), and I was finding it harder and harder just to get about anything right! Yet, I was pushing through refusing the outcomes, with frustration and determination, despite my body getting really tired and slowly sick (from untreated flu and other added conditions). I disregarded all this and reached the drama queen point: “Omg, why? I don’t get it? Did I lose my skills, why, what did I do??! Am I not meant to be doing this? Am I being punished for something ?” *wailing almost like a baby*

I had no idea why this was happening to me. But after pulling back and analysing it like a grown up adult, I finally understood it.

All 10 points that I will mention in this article, applied.

These are the top 10 reasons why you are having a bad reading or poor results at a Psychic Reading or a classical animal communication session.

       1. Fatigue

Fatigue is a huge factor in determining results. Your body is the main instrument. If its rusty, low in energy or blocked with personal, emotional, physical and spiritual issues (or doubts) it won’t work at all in your favour. I usually my connections early in the morning, first thing, when I’m completely fresh and full of energy.

      2. Poor physical awareness

Even if you are slightly unwell, or have flu left over symptoms for example, the readings will be negatively affected. I was physically weak and I was dismissing it. I was pushing harder through and the more I did it the less I was successful.

       3. You fall asleep (sudden loss of energy and not primarily because of fatigue)

Some readings will get you really tired. You may be full of energy when you start a connection but soon after that you feel like you’ve been knocked out with a bat on the head. I have not yet figured why exactly this happens, but it happens for some cases that you will find yourself completely drained after a minute or so, and literally need a pillow close immediately to crush on. It feels like you’re under a spell. A hypothesis for this may be that the amount of energy ‘taken’ by some case surpass our currently energy capacity, because some cases are simply heavy duty or “high demand energy”. They need a lot of energy to connect, to engage or present with heavy material that is not ready for our body to receive. Therefore, the traffic become congested and immobilized, and as a result so body shuts down and goes into sleep mode. A defense mechanism you will experiment when you deal with ‘full on’ stuff.

      4. Owners / Readees’ Denial

It is not unusual to receive invalidation from animal owners or persons who are not ready or open to hear the truth. Some character traits will be denied, some statement automatically rejected without looking further or deeper nor trying making sense of what you come up with. Don’t get discouraged. If you had in the past positive validation, accept that not everyone is open to a new/objective perspective of things. After all, they don’t want their subjective reality destroyed and would reject anything not fitting in their projections and reading expectations. (I have met quite a few like this myself, so relax. Here we need to use true psychology.)

      5. Seek prior validation (check in you are connecting with the right person)

This may be an obvious one for you, but it was not for me for a while. It didn’t cross my mind to have 2 hidden answers, to 2 questions for example, readily available for checking you are communicating with the right person/animal/entity. Always thrive to start with a prior validation test to gain not only credibility but also self-confidence for further connections.

      6. Lack of patience

“Quick, come on! I don’t have all day!” sounds familiar? it does to me! in a hectic modern lifestyle, telepathic communication can be a tough task to fit in, in our tight schedule for most of us anyway! But patience is crucial. You don’t control fine timing, openness and especially, you don’t boss anyone around. Particularly animals. There is a bond to build and they are fuss about that. Of course, would you respond to a stranger who came to interrogate you out of nowhere? “Who are YOU?!” I get this question a lot when i initiate a connection with an animal. And coming rather like a blunt bullet! And I tell them openly my whole story… I found that i can’t go very far if first I haven’t established an excellent rapport.

     7. Impure intention & Ego interference

A successful connection is only possible if you are consciously working in the best interests of the animal-client and all parties involved. For this, a pure heart and intention are required. Always ask yourself : “Whose interests am I working for?”, ‘Am I entitled to know these things”, “Am I having a respectful approach, with high integrity and ethics in my work right now?”. You would be surprised how easily and unconsciously the Ego interferes with this kind of work and how fast you could find yourself carrying underlying motives that are not fully aligned with the Highest Good and your heart’s pure intention. Keep the Ego in check.

     8. You are unconsciously blocking some unwanted information

For a long time I have been afraid of being a clairsentient. I was fearing feeling the pain of others, seeing their trauma, being in their body, heart and soul. Unconsciously, and as a result, I have blocked the clairsentient channel and rarely have information via this way. I have developed essentially the claircognizant, clairaudient and clairvoyant channel. So if I ever come across some type of information that would cause me distress, I would block it instantly without being consciously aware. Seemingly, there must have been some kind of agreement between me and my higher-self that anything that I’m not ready for I shall not intercept. So ask yourself, is there something you are fearing to receive? What are your weakness or touchy points? What are you concerned about before developing your psychic skills? Have you ever had a bad experience and you’re wanting to avoid similar scenarios and what are they. Be clear about it to know your limitations and understand why you cant access certain things, at certain times; its a useful process to go through.

      9. You’re not meant to know

Yes. Often times, we are not meant to know because this is for your and others highest good. The timing may be bad too so this needs to be respected and approached with a good dose of humility and realism. Don’t force a connection, don’t get stubborn about a question, respect what you are getting and come back at another time. If after three different times you get no response, or little info, move on. Leave it and accept you are not meant to open that box.

    10. They don’t like you, as simple as that!

This applies particularly for animals. Some beings you are connecting to telepathically, simply don’t like you. You and/or anybody else! It’s how it is. Don’t take it personally, take it with humour. I spoke once to a cat that couldn’t stand me. She talked to me with such arrogance and bitchiness that I forgot my questions! She was giving lots of “compliments” while telling me to eff off elsewhere. I was taken off guards and very surprised to have such attitude but I bowed at her majesty, pulled away and let her be the Queen.

In conclusion, psychic abilities and performance commonly oscillate and don’t get necessarily easier with time and practice. Circumstances and above factors affect significantly the outcome and the accuracy of the message. However, as we become more aware of these variables, we also get to control them better and become less doubtful and affected by failure. I found that the best ingredients for optimal learning and subsequent positive readings are keeping a journal with key notes, remarks and self-reflections and remaining self-aware (body, mind, heart and spirit) at all times.