Radical Authenticity (Relearn Deep Connections)- online



event brought to you by: the WHITEDATE EVENTS® online EVENT

We unite to re-learn Radical Authenticity and Being Fully ourselves in a Safe & Nurturing Environment.

Focus : different THEMES each time.

We learn to use TOTALLY POSITIVE,  DEEP, FUN and MEANINGFUL tools by using the Love Connection Game, Verbal & Non Verbal Interactions, creative problem solving for our respective/themed challenges using the collective intelligence, and by CELEBRATING our differences, wisdom, successes and cultural heritage.

Nothing is more important for Human Evolution than Conscious & Authentic relating


I let you with these leading quote:

“We create strong bonds with those we can be vulnerable with and who accept & support fully our Authenticity.”

We create lasting bonds with those we can be totally ourselves & feel unconditionally loved even and especially through our worse moments. “

Safe Bonding is something we re(Learn).





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