Option 3. How to Attract True Love (s) & Positive Relationships – ONLINE COURSE -FULL COURSE, PRIVATE COACHING &AND BONUSES


We attract what we are. Most fulfilling relationships come from our own energy and what we manifest, heal and grow INSIDE. We start right there. Our energy attracts every single thing we have in our life and self-awareness is the very first milestone in the process. This course truly takes you from BEING IN THE DARK, or too many times Hurt or Confused, to unmistakably KNOWING WHO you truly are, what you WANT, how you FUNCTION, what wounds need to be brought to light and WHO’S a healthy match for you. Based on this progressive work, the course will lead you to make conscious decisions, manifest POSITIVE relations, avoid unnecessary SUFFERING and RISE in love (not fall). If you are READY to start transforming ALL your relationships: friends, family, team workers, romantic lovers and with your Beautiful GORGEOUS Self, by learning Conscious Dating and Relating- well…you are in the right place.

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OPTION 3. FULL COURSE -with all resources, 2 BONUSES, all dowloadables AND 1.5 HRS of Private Premium Coaching with me.

Most comprehensive option, with BONUSES.






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