Sisterhood Circle (Online event)



Women’s CIRCLE

Each month around the NEW MOON sisters meet to share, explore and grow around a specific theme.

In today’s hustle and bustle to keep up with the ever increasing societal and economic demands, women are realizing more and more the importance of slowing down and tuning in. In the search for balance between self-care and self-awareness, women are turning again and again to sisterhood gatherings to join with others in the same pursuit to experience an oasis of calm, clarity and connection within a sacred circle, to be SEEN and understood in their respective worlds and perspectives.

Sisterhood circles are nothing new; women have been gathering together in circles (red tents) all over the planet for thousands of years as a way of supporting each other and sharing safely on important subjects, a tradition lost in the modern days.

Content: Deep connection, ancient wisdom, creative arts, spirituality, meditation, journaling, playing games & tarot and self-development are at the center of these meetings that happen around the NEW MOON.


max 15 participants





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